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FLIP SHOT Pepper Spray

FLIP SHOT Pepper Spray

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This 2-ounce pepper spray is designed with decorative labels and a flip-top safety cover for the actuator. With a range of over 22 feet and at Damsel's 1.45% MC formula, you will keep bad guys at bay from further away and for a long spray time. 


• 1.45% MC (Major Capsaicinoids)
• 2 million SHU (Scoville heat units)
• Range of over 22 feet
• 2 ounces (7-8 second continuous stream)
• Quick-release/one-hand operation
• Flip Top cover
• Instant effect on the attacker
• UV (ultraviolet) identifying dye
• Non-toxic and non-flammable
• Water-based


Pepper Spray restrictions apply. State Restrictions

Please note: Pepper Spray orders shipped to Hawaii or an island of Alaska will have an additional hazmat fee. $90.00 will automatically be added to your shipping cost

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