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Striking Distance Stun Baton

Striking Distance Stun Baton

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Our Striking Distance stun device is pure intimidation! Any would-be attacker won’t need to be close to be within striking distance of you and your defense.

• 12-inch long stun baton gives extra reach, creating a greater safe zone to ward off an attack
• Stun strips on sides prevent it from being grabbed away from you

• 3 Light modes (High, Low, Strobe)
• The sound that the stun device emits can be intimidating enough to deter a would-be attacker
• Disable pin prevents item from being used against you

1.7 µC (microcoulombs)


Stun Devices are restricted in the following areas: CT, DE (Newark, New Castle County and Wilmington), HI, MD, MA, MI, RI, WA (Ruston City), DC, WI.

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